5 powerful reasons to buy Mexican Cattle

Mexican cattle

5 powerful reasons to buy Mexican Cattle

  • Health factor: USDA approved and just as resistant to climate as native

  • Performance: Cheaper cost of gain

  • Weaned: Minimum one month weaned decreasing mortality rate

  • Age: The age allows carcasses to grade better

  • Safe investment: See de above

number 1

number 1 type / class

These are calves from pure European breeds such as Hereford, Abeerden Angus, Limousin, Simmental, etc, or any crosses within these. Also included in these are the 3/4 blood European than at some point have been crossed with Zebu in order to strenghthen the offspring for the semideserts of the northern Mexican states. These 3/4 also have the ability to grow long hair for the harsh winters. This Type / Class flows to the border from October to December. During January thru March the flow drops to aprox. 25% of the fall volume. Eventually some of these go to winter pasture in Mexico and go out in small lots between May 15 and June 15.

number 1.5

number 1.5 (one and a half) type / class

These are usually quoted at a lesser price since they do not adapt well to the colder climates of the U. S. Its bloodline is 50% European and 50% Zebu, or a corss of 50% Swiss / 50% Zebu with a beef European type such as Hereford or Angus. At other times this type is produced when you cross native Zebu with any of these is similar to number 1, the only difference being there is a very small flow in the summer.

number 2

number 2 type / class

This type of calf, whose genetic make up is very hard to determine, usually has some Native blood plus Zebu and Swiss in different proportions. It is well accepted because of its rusticity and is usually quoted at a lesser price. When this Type / Class is crossed with Zebu, the offspring are classified as number 3, whereas, if crossed back to a European breed, they will produce a Type / Class 1.5. With favorable market conditions the number 2 calves can now to the border year round.

number 3

number 3 type / class

These include calves whose genetic makeup is over 75% Zebu. They are produced in Mexico's tropical areas. For export these have a lesser price. The heifers, when bred back to European bulls, will produce offspring that will grade 1.5 and 2. With favorable market conditions the number 3 calves can flow to the border year round.

rodeo / sport

rodeo / sport type / class

These native cattle, lacking genetic improvement, are used in the U. S. for rodeos because of their temperament and horns. They will bring the best price between February and May, and are sold by the head.

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